Frequently Asked Questions

Taking the lugging out of your luggage

What does bagSOLO ship?
We ship sports equipment and luggage to your holiday or other travel destinations: currently, the products we offer to ship are golf bags, bike boxes, single ski bags, double ski bags, snowboard bags, and luggage. We can only ship e-bikes with the batteries entirely removed from the shipment.

What service types do bagSOLO offer? What is the difference?
bagSOLO offers Economy and Express services to nearly all our destinations. Express service delivers anywhere in the world within 1-3 working days. Economy service shipping times can vary between 3-7 working days, depending on a number of factors. The average to Europe and the USA is 3-4 working days.

Shipping domestically within the UK is next day delivery depending on postcode.

How do I get a quote?
Go to the bagSOLO homepage Under the main image at the top you will find a ‘Get Quote’ bar; from the drop-down menu select what product you wish to ship, from which country and to which country.

How is it priced?
Our prices reflect those offered by our logistics partners. We use only the most trusted global couriers such as FedEx, UPS or TNT. BagSOLO has negotiated significant discounts with these shipping carriers, allowing us to pass savings on to our customers.

The pricing offered to us by the carriers is influenced by:
1) volume of traffic on the route;
2) number of, weight of and dimensions of the items; and
3) the destination address.
A high volume of traffic on a route (e.g. UK-USA, a popular air freight route) increases economies of scale for the shipping carriers and therefore the savings they pass on to all their users.

If the destination address is outside of a certain (variable) radius around an international airport or freight depot, the carriers will charge a (usually fixed) ‘out-of-area charge’ (again variable) on top of their standard rate to cover the cost of the longer drive to deliver the items. For example, FedEx charges around £14 for deliveries to ski resorts in the Alps. These kinds of costs are already included in the price offered to you and you won’t ever be hit by any hidden charges from us, unlike the budget airlines.

What are the maximum dimensions and weight my items can be?
Each of our shipping products has an allowed maximum weight and dimensions on which our prices are negotiated with the shipping companies. You can use as much of this allowance as you need, but if you exceed the maximum we cannot guarantee your shipment will not be delayed at some point in its journey or incur additional charges.

Golf bag: 28kg | 122 x 40 x 30 cm
Bike box: 32kg | 116 x 76 x 30 cm
Single Skis: 10kg | 200 x 25 x 10 cm
Double Skis: 30kg | 200 x 38 x 20 cm
Snowboard: 15kg | 165 x 30 x 15 cm
Luggage/Suitcase: 26kg | 82 x 51 x 31 cm

What destinations are available?
We ship anywhere in the world with a small number of exceptions for the following reasons:

Due to problems with local import/export regulations, we cannot ship ANY items to: Turkey, South Africa, Mauritius, Canary Islands, Australia.
Additionally, we can only ship Luggage items within the European Union. 


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How far in advance do I need to book?
To give yourself time to receive our special pouches, and to print labels we will always recommend booking at least a few days in advance – the longer the better! On some routes a same-day collection is available, but in most cases, the shortest notice that pickup can be carried out will be the following day. The maximum you can book in advance is one year.

How do I book?
Once you have selected the quote you wish to use, you will be directed to the ‘Trip Details’ page. Here you can enter your contact details and the collection and destination addresses for your trip. Please see the image below for a detailed explanation of the process. Please click on the image for a larger version.

Trip Details how it works image


On the next page, (“Your Items”), you will be asked to select the items you wish to ship. If you are shipping multiple items, please enter them here. You will also need to select your trip type (one-way/round-trip) and service priority (economy/express) as well as the dates of your shipment. Please read the instructions carefully to ensure the items are delivered in time for you to use them.

The final page is billing. Here you can enter discount codes and payment details.

What comes next?
You will receive an invoice/receipt email confirming your booking details; please double-check this to make sure it is correct – particularly the addresses – and contact us as soon as possible if it is not.

Ten days before the shipment date, you will receive an automated email with your labels attached.

Approximately 48 hours in advance of your shipment you will receive a reminder email.

If you have not received these emails, particularly the labels email, please check your spam/junk mail folder.

When will I receive my labels?
Outbound labels are generated and automatically emailed to you ten days before the pickup date of the outbound delivery. If appropriate, relevant customs documents will be provided to you as well as a Pro Forma invoice. Please make sure these documents are properly filled out before pickup.
Return labels are also generated and automatically emailed to you ten days before the pickup date given for the return trip of your items. Please consider a means by which you can print these labels out if you will be on holiday on this date. If you are staying at a hotel the staff should be willing to print out some pages for you.

I have booked an order that is going to or returning to the USA. What will be different?
Orders entering the USA are required to carry an additional piece of paperwork called a Form 3299. Upon checkout when you make your order you will be directed to a link which has the Form 3299 available as a PDF download (also found here). Please fill this out and send it to well in advance of your booking. Please note that we will sign it on your behalf, so there is no need to do so yourself. It will not be possible to place your order in the booking queue if we do not have it.

Will I receive something to put the labels and documents in?
Yes, if there is enough time (2-3 business days) between your booking and the pickup date we will endeavour to send you an appropriate number of label-holding pouches. These pouches are made of a hard-wearing, waterproof synthetic paper and if properly attached will ensure your labels do not become separated from the bag. You can see what these pouches look like on the How it Works page of the bagSOLO website under ‘Labelling.’ If there is insufficient time between your booking and the pickup date for us to post these to you, the courier driver should have spares in their vehicle.

I have booked multiple items. Will I receive multiple labels?
Yes, but the labels won’t be quite the same. A shipment of multiple items (e.g. four golf bags booked together) will receive a master label (usually consisting of four A4 pages) and an associated secondary label (one page for each additional bag). It does not matter which item the master label is attached to so long as each item gets one of the labels. Although these four items do not need to be packaged or tied together, they will travel as a unit and our logistics partners will treat them as a single shipment so that all four are delivered together.

Do you offer complimentary or add-on insurance?
bagSOLO does not directly offer insurance on your shipment but to provide bespoke insurance policies for your shipment we are affiliated with MPI Brokers (for ski-snowboard gear) and Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance for bikes. Please note that for the latter, insurance can be provided for bikes in hard bike travel cases only (i.e not cardboard).

Can I cancel an order?
Yes, but please check our terms and conditions for our policy, Clause 33.

Can I change an order?
You may change the details (address, time, phone number) of a pick-up but you may not change the delivery address once the shipment is booked.

Do I need to tell you the weight/size of my shipment?
Yes, if the weight/size of your shipment exceeds our guidelines found above under ‘Getting a Quote’. 

The total amount to be paid changed unexpectedly as I was filling out the order form. What happened?
We sometimes break up countries into separate regions if the cost of shipping items varies between those regions. Some places are considered a ‘Remote Location’ for which the courier levies an extra charge (which will be built into our price). So for example, if you entered ‘Scotland’ to get a quote, and then entered an address in the Scottish Highlands, our system will automatically update the price to that for the Highlands. There will be an on-screen alert explaining this. A number of locations in Canada (e.g. ski resorts in the Rockies) are also affected by this.

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How can I make payment?
The bagSOLO website accepts all major debit/credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. If there is a problem with your payment, please check with your bank first as you may need to approve the payment.

When will my payment be debited?
bagSOLO will debit the amount shown during booking once the ‘Place Order’ button has been clicked on your order; however, the payment may take a day or two to appear on any bank statement.

Does bagSOLO hold credit card details?
No. Payment information is not held by bagSOLO. We use the Stripe secure online payment service to process transactions. All private financial data is held by Stripe; none of your bank details are ever stored by us. 

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How should I prepare my items for travel?
Please make sure you have packed your items in a recognised travel bag appropriate for your items. For all shipments we strongly recommend the use of a hard case/box, and not soft bags. Please note that bagSOLO is unable to offer insurance on shipments.
Golf clubs: a fully enclosing golf bag travel bag/case. A normal carry/trolley bag with a rain cover is not appropriate!
Bike boxes: we highly recommend the use of plastic hard case boxes. Please ensure that the bikes is protected inside the bag with foam tubing and bubble-wrap, and that it is securely held within the box, unable to move around in transit. We do not recommend using cardboard boxes or soft bags, but you may choose to do so provided you pack your bike to the same standards that manufacturers do when they ship new bikes. Please keep in mind that cardboard boxes do not stand up well to repeat use and moisture.
Ski/Snowboard: snowsports gear must be in a padded/hard case travel bag, with some sort of internal protection (foam/bubblewrap) as well.
Luggage: should be a suitcase, not a holdall or duffel bag.
If your items are not properly packaged they may be damaged in transit and bagSOLO cannot be held responsible for damage to improperly packed items. Additionally, the courier drivers may refuse to take items they think are unsafe.

Do bagSOLO pack my bag for me?
No, we do not offer this service, but you may find it useful to seek assistance from your local bike or sports shop. Please note that all packaging arrangements must be complete prior to the dates of pickup.

Do I print and attach the labels myself?
Yes, you will need to print out the labels and place them in the label pouches we will send to you if there is enough time between booking and pickup. If you are outside the UK or have/will not receive the pouches, please print the labels and have them ready to give to the driver on pick-up. Please also print a duplicate copy of the labels and place them inside the bag as backup.

What is this Form 3299 you sent me for?
The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Form 3299 “Declaration of Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles,” is a document that accompanies your personal items when you aren’t with them in order to give US Customs officials more information than a standard invoice to enable speedy clearance. If you are having trouble filling out the form, please check the CBP guidance on filling out Form 3299.

Can I attach labels to a bag without label pouches?
No. The labels as printed out are simple A4 pages with no adhesive or attachment mechanism. The labels (and customs documents if relevant) must be displayed externally for shipment handling and customs clearance, and are not hard-wearing enough to be attached without protection. The label pouches are made of industry-standard waterproof, rip-proof synthetic paper and plastic, and if properly affixed (preferably with the provided zip-tie, or with the adhesive backing on the T-shaped end) will guarantee your labels will be securely attached.

Can I lock my bag?
Of course, but please read the following guidance. For the security of your valuable sports equipment or luggage we recommend that you use cable ties if you wish to secure your bag for transit. If your bag is flagged for inspection by customs, it may be opened by local authorities without their contacting either you or bagSOLO. Unlike padlocks, cable ties can be cut away without damaging your bags. Also, please do not use exterior pockets unless they too can be secured with a cable tie.

If you wish to wrap your bag in plastic shrink-wrap for protection, please be aware that our courier partner drivers have the right to request to be shown the contents of the bag, and a concurrent right to refuse to carry it if you refuse to show them. You may have to remove the plastic wrap to do this. This also applies to padlocked bags. 

What items can I put in the bag(s)?
Please only include the relevant sports equipment items in your bag. Unaccompanied baggage aviation laws strictly prohibit a large number of items similar to restrictions on regular airline flights. These include but are not restricted to: pressurised containers (e.g. aerosols); all containers of liquids, pastes or gels of any type or size; firearms; batteries; high value items (e.g. paintings, jewellery); cash or other currency; etc. Please see our Terms and Conditions paragraph 73 for a longer list of examples.

What happens if I accidentally include some of these hazardous items?
If you do accidentally include restricted items in a shipment it is very likely this will be detected via x-ray or other method. This will almost certainly result in a delay on the delivery of your items as your bag(s) will be pulled aside for a physical inspection. Both bagSOLO and our logistics partner will be alerted and will seek to resolve the issue but depending on the nature of the problem and the country we are dealing with there will very likely be a delay of an unpredictable number of days on the delivery of your items. Customs authorities are governed by the relevant country and cannot be influenced by bagSOLO or our partners. Please be aware of this when packing your bag.

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What kinds of addresses can bagSOLO collect from?
We can collect from homes, work addresses, sports clubs or hotels. Sometimes special arrangements might be required if you need to leave items with a neighbour for example. If such arrangements become necessary, please contact us by phone so we can add a note to the courier driver. If you live in an apartment building, gated community or other serviced address, please ensure the reception desk is aware of your pick-up or delivery.

What time will collection take place?
Collection takes place between 0900-1800 on business days (Monday to Friday not including local bank holidays). We regret that we are presently unable to specify more specific times within that window.

Can a multi-item shipment be collected from different addresses?
No. Each shipment will need to be booked separately using different pickup addresses. Please get in touch with us to alert us to the fact that these separate orders are in fact linked; a group rate may apply. Please see the Group Rates section below for more information.

Will I receive a call or text prior to my pick up?
You will not receive a call/text prior to the collection of your shipment. Your collection can take place throughout your nominated collection day.
In some instances, local depots or drivers may call ahead to confirm there will be somebody at the address to ensure a trip to a remoter address is not wasted; they may also call if the pick-up address is wrong or unclear. It is important that a local number is provided for this purpose on the ‘Trip Details’ page of the booking process.

Can I change my pick up date, name, address, or phone number?
Yes. Please contact us by phone during business hours to arrange this as far in advance of pick-up as possible. 

Do I need to be present when my bag is picked up?
Yes, but you can nominate a family member, friend or third party such as a receptionist to hand over your shipment to the courier driver.

What do I do if my bag was not collected?
If you bag was not picked up on the designated pick-up day, please contact us by phone during towards the end of business hours (1600-1730) to alert us to this (or by email if outside of business hours). We will inquire with the shipping company as to why this was and arrange a new pick-up for the following day or an appropriate subsequent day.

Why was my luggage delivered early?
Delivery times depend on the service type selected. Express shipments will receive priority treatment at every depot they pass through, being put straight into the next available transport towards the final destination. Economy shipments have lower priority and will travel slower. If there is less express shipping on that route, Economy shipments can sometimes be delivered as fast as an express shipment, but this depends entirely on local factors and the volume of traffic that particular day and so is not something we can predict.

Can I drop my items off at a depot?
Yes, you can drop off your items at a convenient depot, station or drop-off point instead of arranging a pickup. If you shipment is international, please use the FedEx Locate Tool to find an appropriate location – please remember to tick ‘drop a labelled package at a staffed location’ at the top, and to take your labels with you when you drop it off. 

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How do I track my shipment?
The email that was sent to you with your labels attached will have the relevant tracking number/hyperlink contained in it. Please follow the link to the carrier’s tracking page. Alternatively, make a copy of the tracking number (which is written on the labels), go to the relevant carrier’s website tracking page and enter it manually to track the shipment. You may receive auto-emailed updates from some of the carriers at various points in the shipment such as when it has left the final depot for delivery.

My bag has been collected but isn’t tracking?
It may take some time for the tracking system to update with the information. Check again later that day.

Why is my bag in a country that isn’t the delivery country?
Usually when items are being sent long-distance they will pass through a variety of countries. For example, a shipment from the UK to Spain or Germany is likely to pass through a depot at Charles de Gaulle airport in France.

My shipment includes multiple items. Can I track them individually?
Yes, normally. A shipment of multiple items (e.g. four golf bags booked together) will be given a single master tracking number and three associate numbers. Normally the shipment will travel as a unit and be delivered together but if the bags become split up (for example if one contains prohibited items detected at customs and is delayed) they can be tracked individually.

My shipment has stopped moving. What has happened?
The couriers move bags during the working week; shipments often stay where they are over the weekend and start moving again early Monday morning. Alternatively, there may have been some sort of problem with customs or delivery to the destination. We will seek to resolve these problems as soon as possible.

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What kinds of addresses can bagSOLO deliver to?
We deliver to homes, clubs, hotels and business addresses. Someone must be present between 0900-1800 local time on the delivery day to sign for the shipment. Please see “Is a signature required at the delivery address?” below for details. 

What time will delivery take place?
Deliveries take place between 0900-1800 on business days (Monday to Friday not including local bank holidays). We regret that we are unable to specify more specific times within that window.

How will I know when my shipment is out for delivery?
You will need to check the tracking page for your order, where you can sign up for additional update emails. You will receive emails notifying you of pick up and delivery automatically. 

Can I change my delivery address, or phone number?
No, once your booking has been made we cannot change delivery information. 

Is a signature required at the delivery address?
Yes. There must be someone present at the address to take possession of the shipment and store it securely until your arrival if you are not there. 

What do I do if my bag was not delivered? 
If your bag was not delivered on the designated day, please contact us by phone during business hours (0900-1730) to alert us to this (or by email if outside of business hours). We will have immediately acted on any problems to solve them as soon as possible. We will inquire with the shipping company as to why this was and re-schedule delivery for the following day or an appropriate subsequent day. 

bagSOLO will cover the cost of hire equipment for the time you are without your item up to the following values:
Golf Club hire: £62.50 per week.
Bike hire: £20 per day.
Skis/Snowboard hire: £18 a day.

We cannot cover the cost of purchase of other equipment e..g golf balls, shoes, clothing, helmets etc.

I have missed the delivery multiple times. What will happen?
The courier service will return the items to the original pickup address.

My bag is showing as ‘Delivered’ but I haven’t received it?
The most common reason for this is that someone else at the delivery address has signed for your bags on your behalf, and has yet to inform you. Please check to see if this is the case, as well as common places they may have been stored in a residential address (e.g. spare rooms, under the stairs, garage etc.). If you are staying at a hotel or were expecting delivery at a business, please check with the front desk/reception. If you have exhausted all possible options, please contact the bagSOLO team at the earliest opportunity and we will make inquiries with the courier to see if they failed to deliver.  

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I can’t create an account on the bagSOLO website?
Our website will automatically create a client account when you make your first order with us.

I can’t access my account/I’ve forgotten my password/account name. What do I do?
Please check the email address and password are accurate and spelt correctly. If you have forgotten the username or password you used please use the ‘lost your password?’ option on the login screen.

I’m expecting a confirmation/receipt email from you but it hasn’t arrived?
Our system dispatches automated confirmation emails immediately. It may take a few minutes to appear in your account. If the expected email has not arrived in 30 minutes, please check your junk mail folders in your inbox. If you still haven’t received the email after 60 minutes, please contact the bagSOLO team by phone or email so we can address this problem.

How can I view my booking history?
Your booking history is easily accessible through your account page, a link to which can be found at the top of every page on our site.

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Can I have a group rate?

If one of the categories below fits your order, please contact us to arrange the discount.
1) groups of 4 or more skiers/snowboarders = 10% off list price.
2) groups of 8 or more golfers = 10% off list price.
3) groups of 8 or more cyclists = 10% off list price.

Please get in touch with us to let us know if you plan on organising a group that might benefit from one of these rates and we’ll be happy to set this up for you. For larger groups or repeat business we are open to negotiating further tailored discounts as well.

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Can I be a bagSOLO affiliate partner?
If you are interested in promoting the bagSOLO service on a website, blog or magazine, or if you are a business and think your customers will benefit from taking advantage of the bagSOLO service, please contact us by email via  

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