The alternative way to transport your sports equipment

A traveling golfer, cyclist or skier was previously faced with two options; they would either lug their sports equipment through the airports paying excess baggage charges or hire gear when they arrive at their destination.  However, the majority of enthusiasts would rather use their own equipment, especially if they are on a bucket list trip.  bagSOLO breaks that mould and provides an alternative solution.  Our door to door service offers people a way to swing their own clubs, cycle their own bike or slalom in their own skis in a convenient and affordable way.

Here we illustrate on a like for like basis how our service weighs up versus traditional air travel. First off, flying with your own gear means that you have the challenge of fitting your equipment and your luggage in your car to the airport…especially difficult if you are travelling in a group.  Then there’s the airline charges for excess baggage which are getting squeezed all the time.  In fact at the beginning of the year we saw Easyjet impose a 15% price hike on over sized luggage.  Finally, when you land on the other side you will no doubt have to hire a larger rental vehicle in order to transport your equipment to your final destination.

With bagSOLO your items are picked up from your home, office or club.  They are delivered directly to your holiday destination via world renowned logistics partners such as FedEx; using their Express or Economy service.  Booking the service is much like booking your hotel, your airline ticket or your car rental and can be done in just four easy steps.  

There are weight benefits versus the airlines so that if you pack wisely you need only take hand luggage on your flight.  And since your bulky items have been sent ahead you can also hire a more compact rental vehicle.  With additional benefits for groups of travellers, the proposition is strengthened even more.   

So, it is clear to see that all things considered, bagSOLO stacks up favourably versus traditional travel. Dependent on service or product, cost benefits can actually apply. Not forgetting the added benefit of bagSOLO providing door to door convenience.