4 reasons to book a cycling training camp this year

It might seem a long way off, but now is the time to start thinking about getting back on your bike for the summer. A late winter or spring training camp is the perfect way to get back into your cycling groove, and with flights always cheap in January there’s no better time to get one sorted.

The most popular destinations are the classic south European locations, such as Mallorca, the east coast of Spain and Italy. Generally, getting to and from these places is both inexpensive and easy to do, so once our 4 reasons for taking part in one this year have convinced you, it’s time to get booking!

1. Get back into shape

However much a fitness guru you may be, there’s no doubt the long and cold UK winter can make you a little rusty on your bike. A training camp is the perfect way to not only get back on top of your game ahead of the new season, but also to give yourself a head start on fitness and technique returning.

2. Sunshine

There’s nothing like cycling in blue skies and a warm breeze. As mentioned, the UK winter isn’t the most pleasant, and a long weekend somewhere like Mallorca or Girona is the perfect tonic. It’s not crippling heat between February and April, but perfect conditions for riding, and a welcome escape from the British gloom.

3. Guided rides

Training camps offer guided rides every day, and generally there’ll be a variety in order to suit all abilities and fitness levels. The leaders of these rides are always experienced, and it means you can concentrate on performance, and not worry about planning the route. It also provides the added bonus of riding new routes.

4. Cycle with fellow enthusiasts

Of course, you can take your bike on holiday with you, and ride miles on your own but it’s much more fun when you can do it with fellow cycling lovers. A group of keen cyclists can offer a whole set of new friends, and potential future training partners. Of course, if you have a ready-made cycling squad already, you can all go on the same camp – nothing wrong with a bit of pre-season competitiveness!

So, now you’ve got the motivation and inspiration, we look forward to sending your bike to your training camp!