Guest Blog: Yellow Jersey’s air travel infographic

If you’re planning a cycling holiday, important decisions need to be made. Where will you find the best climbs, the smoothest roads, and the best coffee stops? Where can you relax after a long day in the saddle? But once the fun decisions have been made you will need to consider how you’re going to get your bicycle there.

Even if you think you may have found a great deal on flights, the way different airlines treat bikes can have a big impact on the overall cost. Maybe not such a bargain after all…

Unfortunately, there’s not a standardised way of categorising and charging for luggage by airlines. Most follow the recommendations of the IATA and use a maximum ‘linear length’ of 158cm (linear length being length + width + height). This is considerably smaller than the average bike box and so bike boxes aren’t considered ‘standard luggage’, meaning you’ll need to add sports equipment to your booking on top of any other luggage charges. What’s more, the cost of adding a bike to your flight and what weight limit you’re allowed differs from airline to airline. Talk about complicated.

So to make your life easier (and mindful that spring cycling holidays and training camps are just around the corner), we’ve created a handy infographic. We’ve compiled the information from 12 of the most popular airlines flying within Europe. It outlines what the weight allowance is for a bicycle and what extra charges you can expect. You’ll find that with some airlines you need to call ahead to see if they have space in the hold to accommodate your bike – not much good if you’re booking a last minute trip, and even worse if you’ve already paid for your ticket.

If you do choose to take your bike on a plane, Yellow Jersey’s policies are here to help. Our Performance policy covers your bike from damage and theft whilst in transit and our Ultimate policy also covers your bike box for up to £1,000. Once your bike is safely at its destination we can then cover it in Europe for up to 30 days, or worldwide for up to 120 days respectively.

And remember, it’s not just your bike that needs looking after while you’re away. Yellow Jersey’s Cycle Travel Insurance covers you for all types of cycling, from enduro to triathlon, including medical expenses, repatriation and emergency bike hire on top of lots of other features you’d expect from a standard travel insurer.

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