An Interview with Paul Carr

Paul is an expert on all things cycling in Mallorca and runs the very successful Cycling Holiday Tours Mallorca.  Here we catch up with him before the start of what’s set to be another very busy season.

How long have you been running your business in Mallorca and how did it come to be?

I came to the Island 25 years ago supplying shops with different products but at the same time training for Triathlons 

Around 10 years ago friends started to come over training and I got more into touring the island with them.  At around the same time I met a guy called Miguel from Bike Sancho who hired out bikes – he also had a mechanic. 

So i decided to start cycling tours working with Miguel.  I do the tours and Miguel hires out the bikes and provides mechanical support.


What kind of cycling holidays do you offer?

 We get all levels cyclists who compete in races and Sportives.   Cyclists who just enjoy being on the road fresh air peace freedom from stress etc enjoying the Island of Mallorca 

We cater for disabled cyclists have group of ex Military out in April.

Ladies week in Oct is very popular Ladies only where we get a lot of ladies coming out alone while there are here they meet up with other riders and have a great time 

For me the most important is nobody gets left behind we always have Guide on the front and on the back.


As the sport has become more popular and cyclists are spending more money on their bikes, have you seen more demand for people wanting to travel with their own bikes instead of hiring?

We are busier than ever mainly the more experience cyclist like to ride there own bike

What is your favourite cycling route on the island?

I have many routs are like but the one stands out is Sa Colabra 

Your favourite time of year for cycling on the island?

Best time is April Island is the capital of cycling in the world atmasphere is fantastic  

Elsewhere in the world where do you aspire to cycle?

I cycle in Thailand in Dec Jan routs are good also roads and the weather is nice 27c to 32c every day