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Ski Club Survey Suggests It’s Business as Usual on the Slopes

The uncertainty of Brexit, following successive years of poor early season snow, would initially seem to be considerable factors that were more than capable of sending the snow sports market off-piste. However, it looks as though this is in fact not the case, with a set of largely positive statistics unveiling themselves on the back of the recently published 2017 Ski Club of Great Britain Consumer Research survey.

This in-depth piece of work has been examining the health of the snow sports market since 2012, and the overriding theme of this year’s document is that, simply, skiers continue to love skiing. Over half the 12,000 people asked said that Brexit would have no effect on their trips in the year ahead, and only 6% were planning to visit destinations outside the EU as a result of the referendum outcome. Ultimately, 97% said they were likely to ski next season – this statistic perhaps best sums up the resilience and consistency of the market.

Despite the recent record of poor early season snow, the number of people taking trips over Christmas and New Year remained the same as previous years, though it’s worth noting the amount of people travelling during off-peak times increased. This is likely tied to the lack of early snow, with snow sport enthusiasts keeping an eye on the weather, and taking opportunistic advantage of flexible flight prices when a fall occurs.

This lack of a decline in the face of potentially trying conditions demonstrates that the market is a consistent one, a fact reiterated by 92% of the sample stating that they own their own gear, over 40% of which having bought new equipment in the past 12 months. The vast majority (82%) travel by airplane and there’s little doubt that, with airlines continuing to make the process of taking skis on flights both more difficult and costly, people will continue to look at alternative options for getting their cherished gear from home to the slopes.

Further trends support this, as almost 45% of the market book their own travel. The idea of booking the transportation of their gear separately is likely to appeal, not least because of the ease it creates in terms of lugging around extra bags, but also because they’re less likely to book a standard week away, meaning they can tailor dates to suit them. It also means there’s no reliance on an airport transfer, or a need to rent a larger car to fit everything in.

It’s clear from the latest Ski Club Consumer Research survey that, despite being faced with potential difficulties during the past few years, the snow sports market remains solid and as enthusiastic as ever. With the new season not far away, it’s probably a good time to dust off those skis, wipe clean your visor and get planning your next fix of the white stuff.