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BagSOLO Ltd. Terms and Conditions

We cannot accept your order and make a legally enforceable agreement without further reference to you. Please read these terms and conditions to make sure that they contain all that you want and nothing that you are not happy with.

1. These Terms and Conditions will apply to the purchase of the services by you (the Customer or you). We are bagSOLO Limited a company registered in England and Wales under number 10024691 whose registered office is at Hamble House, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 3HJ United Kingdom, telephone number +44 (0)2038 706706; (Hereinafter referred to as, the Supplier, the Company, us or we).
2. These are the terms on which we sell all Services to you. Before placing an order on the Website, you will be asked to agree to these Terms and Conditions by clicking on the button marked ‘I Accept’. If you do not click on the button, you will not be able to complete your Order. You can only purchase the Services and Goods from the Website if you are eligible to enter into a contract and are at least 18 years old.

3. Customer means an individual booking the services of the supplier.
4. Items means your sets of Golf Clubs, Bicycles, pairs of Skis, Double Skis, Snowboards or articles of Luggage packed within appropriate travel cases, if applicable.
5. Contract means the legally-binding agreement between you and bagSOLO Ltd. for the supply of the Services;
6. Collection and Delivery Location means the Customer’s designated collection and delivery addresses where the Services are to be supplied, as set out in the Order;
7. Durable Medium means paper or email, or any other medium that allows information to be addressed personally to the recipient, enables the recipient to store the information in a way accessible for future reference for a period that is long enough for the purposes of the information, and allows the unchanged reproduction of the information stored;
8. Order means the Customer’s order for the Services from the Supplier as submitted following the step by step process set out on the Website;
9. Privacy Policy means the terms which set out how we will deal with confidential and personal information received from you in the course of the transaction;
10. Services means the services advertised on the Website, and description set out in the Order;
11. Website means our website www.bagsolo.com on which the Services are advertised.

12. The description of the Services as set out in the Website, catalogues, brochures or other form of advertisement.
13. In the case of our Services it is your responsibility to ensure that any information or specification you provide is accurate.
14. We can make changes to the Services which are necessary to comply with any applicable law or safety requirement. We will notify you of these changes.

Customer responsibilities
15. You must co-operate with us in all matters relating to the Services, and provide us with accurate information in order for us to supply the service.
16. Failure to comply with the above is a Customer default which entitles us to suspend performance of the Services until you remedy it.

Personal information and Registration
17. When registering to use the Website you must set up a username and password. You remain responsible for all actions taken under the chosen username and password and undertake not to disclose your username and password to anyone else and keep them secret.
18. We retain and use all information strictly under the Privacy Policy.
19. We may contact you by using telephone, e-mail or other electronic communication methods and by pre-paid post and you expressly agree to this.

Basis of Sale
20. The description of the Services in our website does not constitute a contractual offer to sell the Service. When an Order has been submitted on the Website, we can reject it for any reason, although we will try to tell you the reason without delay.
21. The Order process is set out on the Website. Each step allows you to check and amend any errors before submitting the Order. It is your responsibility to check that you have used the ordering process correctly.
22. A Contract will be formed for the Services ordered only when you receive an email from us confirming the Order (the Order Confirmation). You must ensure that the Order Confirmation is complete and accurate and inform us immediately of any errors. We are not responsible for any inaccuracies in the Order placed by you. By placing an Order, you agree to us giving you confirmation of the Contract by means of an email with all information in it (ie the Order Confirmation). You will receive the Order Confirmation within a reasonable time after making the Contract, but in any event not later than the delivery of any Goods supplied under the Contract, and before performance begins of any of the Services. Any quotation or estimate of Fees (as defined below) is valid for a maximum period of 15 days from its date, unless we expressly withdraw it at an earlier time.

Weight and Size Restrictions
23. Weights and Sizes must conform with those selected at time of booking. The weight is determined as being the larger of the physical weight or the volumetric weight. You must accurately weigh and measure your item, your quote is based on the weight and dimensions declared at the time of booking.
24. Overweight items and those greater than the dimension’s declared at the time of booking, may be refused for collection or delivery, may cause delays to your order and/or incur cancellation fees or additional fees if accepted for collection/delivery.
25. If you fail to comply with weight and size restrictions set out above it may lead to delays and your payment card will be charged an additional surcharge. All additional charges will be passed on to the customer within 90 days of delivery.
26. If your item is overweight or oversized you will be charged the excess volume or weight at a rate per kg of 150% of that paid for the original shipment. A handling fee may also be applied.
27. By accepting these terms and conditions you also give us the permission to charge your debit/credit card for any weight discrepancies or extra charges that may be charged to us by our agents for the supply of incorrect information at the time of your booking (including regarding the number of items). If we are unable to automatically charge your card we will notify you in writing and you will be required to pay us the stated sum within 7 days. Failure to make payment may result in additional recovery costs being incurred which shall ultimately be the responsibility of the customer

Fees and Payment
28. The fees for the Services, and any additional delivery or other charges are set out on the Website at the date we accept the Order or such other price as we may agree in writing.
29. Fees and charges include VAT at the rate applicable at the time of the Order.
30. You must pay by submitting your credit or debit card details with your Order and we take payment immediately.

Order Confirmation, Changes and Cancellations
31. After you place your order online an order number will be displayed on screen confirming your order has been processing. You will later receive an email acknowledging your order has been accepted and is being processed. Booking and confirmation with the carrier takes place automatically 10 days before pickup (or immediately if the order is placed within that window). If you fail to receive the acknowledgement email within a reasonable time please contact us.
32. Changes: At any time up until your order is picked up by the courier, you may change the pickup details at no charge by contacting the Company by email or phone. You may not change delivery details after your order is placed.
33. Cancellation: At any time up until your order is booked and confirmed with the carrier (see Clause 31) you may cancel your order at no charge by contacting us by email or phone. If you cancel your order once your order has been booked and confirmed the Company will, at your choice, either: 1) arrange a refund of your purchase less an administration fee of £20 per item; or 2) credit the full value of your purchase to your bagSOLO account against future use of our services, with no administration fee.

Packing and Labelling
34.1 Your items will need to be packed in an appropriate case or box, which must be sufficient to hold the weight packed, and in particular you must ensure handles and other elements are designed to withstand the packed weight. Please note that soft bags, cardboard boxes and similar are NOT deemed appropriate, and we strongly recommend the use of a hard case or box.
34.2 Your consignment will pass through high speed automated systems including conveyor belts and the packaging should therefore be robust. PLEASE NOTE that the Company does not accept liability of any kind for in-transit damage to items packed in unsuitable packaging such as cardboard boxes.
34.3 In advance of each shipment we will provide you with shipping labels by email. If time permits we will make reasonable endeavours to provide you with plastic label pouches which we recommend you use to attach your labels to your items. You must print and attach the label provided securely in such a way that it cannot be easily removed, and a place a second copy inside the bag. Please ensure no old labels, stickers or any tag bearing any other tracking number or address other than the delivery address of your destination is visible on the case. For NON-EU services, you must attach a packing list and the relevant customs form visibly and separately from the tracking label.

35. You are responsible for providing us with a full and accurate collection address and any other information for the collection and/or delivery of Goods. You agree to make the package available at this collection address, packed in an appropriate way, on your chosen collection date between the hours of 9.00 – 18.00. You agree to ensure the correct item is handed to the driver. Our collection days are business days and therefore exclude weekends, bank holidays and national holidays in respective countries.
For security purposes, upon their request you agree to open luggage items and permit the collecting driver to check for prohibited items.
Your collection must take place from an easily accessible location; and the driver must be able to drive within 25m of the collection point, and upon arrival the driver will require the items to be ready for collection. You shall indemnify us for non-delivery and late delivery of consignments due to (i) your providing incorrect information, (ii) your items not being packed correctly and (iii) persons not being present at specified addresses for the collection and delivery of Goods.
We shall have no liability for damage caused to protruding baggage parts such as wheels, straps, pockets, pull handles, hanger hooks or other items attached to baggage.
Where any Goods are not properly packaged and protected we shall have no liability for any damage caused to the packaging or the Goods or for the loss of any contents due to failure of the packaging.
You shall save harmless and keep us indemnified from and against.
36. All liability, loss, damage, costs and expenses whatsoever (including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, all duties, taxes, imposts, levies, deposits and outlays of whatsoever nature levied by any authority in relation to the goods) arising out of our acting in accordance with your instructions or arising from any breach by you of any warranty contained in these Conditions or from your negligence;
37. Without derogation from clause 36.1 above, any liability assumed or incurred by us when by reason of carrying out your instructions we have reasonably become liable or may become liable to any other party; and
38. All claims, costs and demands whatsoever and by whomsoever made or preferred in excess of the liability under the terms of these Conditions

International Shipping and Customs
39. All luggage items being shipped internationally must remain unlocked for Customs and security purposes. Any locks will be broken by such customs officials and we shall not be liable for such loss. You recognise that your packages may be opened, inspected or seized by international customs authorities and we shall incur no liability as a result of that.
40. In respect of international deliveries, and more specifically to destinations outside the European Economic Area, you will be required to complete a brief customs form and attach this to your item. You will be required to fully complete, prepare, sign (as appropriate) and attach all documentation as required by customs authorities in the UK and the destination country. On occasion you may be required to provide a pro-forma customs invoice. The purpose of this document is to establish the value of items moving across international borders; it is not for insurance purposes. Relevant packing lists, invoices and customs forms must be attached in a separate wallet from the tracking label and must be attached in such a way to ensure they are clearly visible. Failure to do so may result in customs clearance delays and/or loss/damage to the Goods for which we bear no responsibility. You agree to present any and all information and documentation requested by a customs authority, or by a courier or broker under instructions from a customs authority, in order to clear your package through customs.
41. In addition to a packing list, many countries will ask for a personal effects form to be completed. This allows the sender to confirm that the items being sent have been in their possession for some time and are not intended for sale. In the majority of cases, this will allow your belongings to enter and exit the country without local customs charges. If you send items of high value, items recently purchased abroad, items intended for re-sale, or prohibited items you may find your luggage subjected to customs delays and fees including the levying of customs duties, import duties, VAT or other taxes by relevant government authorities. Please be aware many jurisdictions regard any item which has been in your possession for less than six months to be not defined as “personal effects” and may levy VAT on it during the customs clearance process.
42. Any additional duties, taxes or other fees levied by any Customs Authority of any jurisdiction, including but not limited to import duties or Value Added Tax, will be payable by the customer and by accepting these terms and conditions you also give us the permission to charge your debit/credit card for any duties or fees that may be charged to us by such customs authority in respect of your Goods. If we are unable to automatically charge your card we will notify you in writing and you will be required to pay us the stated sum within 7 days. Failure to make payment may result in additional recovery costs being incurred which shall ultimately be the responsibility of the customer.
43. Should your consignment be stopped by customs or enter a clearance event at any point be aware it may take customs some time to process any payment or supplementary information you provide, typical turnaround is 1-3 working days but this time frame can be exceeded. Once payment and supplementary information is provided and your item is officially cleared, it can take some time for your item to re-enter the delivery network and be processed on the correct cycle for delivery, typical turnaround is 1-3 working days but this time frame can be exceeded.
44. Over 99% of our non-EU shipments will pass through customs without being stopped and as such our service assumes your item will be categorized for free passage through customs as above and our prices do not include any taxes, local charges, inspection fees or any other charges. Our transit times also assume your item is waived through customs without stopping.
45. In the event that a Customs authority seizes any Goods for any reason they shall be deemed delivered by us and we shall have no further liability to the Customer in respect of those Goods. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay any duties, fines or levies imposed by such authority and procure their collection or onward delivery following such seizure.
46. Most countries, including the UK and USA offer a tax and duty free allowance for returning residents, travellers and settlers who send unaccompanied baggage containing “Personal Clothing & Personal Effects (sports equipment etc.)” which are for their sole use and which have been owned by them for a minimum of 6 months. Not all countries offer this allowance, for example Russia & Norway do not.

47. Customers are responsible for providing us with a full and accurate delivery address. The delivery point must be accessible to the public and the driver must be able to park within 25m of this point. If this is a private residence, customers must have someone available at this address between the normal delivery hours of 9.00 – 18.00 on the expected delivery day. Our delivery days are actual business days and therefore exclude weekends, bank holidays and national holidays in respective countries. With regard to new build locations it is essential that you confirm that the address has received deliveries previously.
48. If we deliver the package through no error on their part (inaccessible, no one present etc) a second attempt may be made, usually the next day. If there is nobody present at the supplied delivery address then our agents may, at their discretion, attempt to deliver the consignment to an alternative address being either a neighbouring address. In any event the courier will obtain a signature and will email a POD to the customer. Any resulting courier charge will be billed to the customer up to 90 days after delivery – settlement will be required within 7 days. If the item cannot be redelivered within 7 days of the original delivery date, the item may be returned to the sender address and any resulting charge will be billed to the customer.
49. We are not obliged to accept instructions to redirect a consignment to an alternative address on delivery to the address specified in the order. If such instructions are accepted the alternative address will be deemed the delivery address for the purpose of these terms and conditions.
50. Any signature at your appointed delivery address constitutes safe delivery of your item and thereafter we are in no way responsible for the item once signed for. We shall also not be liable in respect of any Consignment delivered to the delivery address or other address specified by the recipient, where any person misrepresents his authority to receive the Consignment on the recipient’s or Customer’s behalf; or where our agents are delivering it in accordance with instructions from, or purporting to be from the recipient or the Customer.

International Deliveries
51. You are required to provide an available local telephone number for international deliveries.
52. If you provide an incorrect address or your delivery address is unobtainable we will contact you to provide a correct address. If you fail to respond, your item may be returned to the collection address and any return charges will be applied. You should monitor your package via tracking and contact the Company if an item is held, delayed or has stopped tracking.
53. When providing an international delivery address the customer must ensure it is a known standard delivery address, if it is a private address you must ensure that it regularly receives deliveries and handled collections. Providing a generic address of a cruise line at a port for example will likely not be sufficient.
54. International service charges cover carriage only, any extra charges arising due to customs delays, import or export taxes are the responsibility of the customer and must be paid by the customer. It is not usually necessary to supply value information for personal effects travelling within the EU and we will not request you to do so, however if you choose to send non standard excess baggage items which may be seen as commercial it is possible that customs may apply a charge, the customer is entirely responsible for paying this charge. You are responsible for ensuring the items they are sending to a country are not restricted. When required the customer is responsible for providing an accurate description and value of contents in order for customs documentation to be completed accurately.
55. By sending any “non standard excess baggage” items which may not constitute personal effects on international services, customs may apply charges which the customer will be responsible to pay. In addition to our standard prohibited items list you will adhere to any additional restrictions imposed by the collection or destination country.
56. The customer is responsible for completing the appropriate documentation required for their particular package to pass through any border control that it may be subjected to. The customer recognises that failure to fully complete and sign any customs declarations may result in customs clearance delays and/or loss or damage to a consignment for which the Company or its’ agents bears no responsibility. The customer further agrees to accede to any rights of international custom authorities on instruction from the former, to inspect any package or open any package for inspection.
57. Failure to follow our guidance for attaching labels and customs documentation may lead to delay and loss. Labels are available to be downloaded and printed directly from your account, if you have any difficulties printing your label contact us as it may be possible to send them to you via post for a small fee.
58. If you complete a manual label directly with a courier driver you are entering a new contract for a different service and you will be liable for any additional costs. In the case of completing an express service label you will be charged the difference between economy and express. Courier drivers are not in a position to advise you, you must follow the instructions provided by us. If you do not have the labels provided ready you should always turn the driver away and contact us directly.
59. Your international delivery’s transit times and charges quoted are based on the details provided, should you fail to provide a postcode in the internationally recognised format for any country you may not be made aware of additional transit times or costs to your specific location. No details other than the postcode should be entered in the postcode box when placing your order.

Delay and Subsequent Liability
60. Please note that most delays are due to customers failing to label their packages correctly; for failing to pack/measure/weigh the goods properly; or for failing to complete documentation fully. If a package is undeliverable due to customer default it will be returned to the collection address and a cancellation charge will be levied in addition to any return charges imposed by the courier.
61. In the very unlikely event the sporting items are delayed getting to their intended destinations, bagSOLO will at its discretion reimburse the customer for reasonable expenses incurred in the hire of said sports equipment for the period until the shipment is ultimately delivered. Such approval must be agreed in advance and reimbursement for the hire of items is contingent upon the customer providing the Company with clear, legible copies of original invoices/receipts by email. With the exception of the above compensation, no other expenses will be paid if your shipment is delayed and all customers are strongly advised to purchase travel insurance or check that their existing coverage is sufficient to protect them from such an event.
62. We are in no way responsible for the loss of, or damage to any package or its contents. We only use large reputable couriers and therefore loss or damage is extremely rare. To avoid damage to your package’s contents be mindful that your package will be loaded and unloaded by human hands several times on its journey. Your items must be thoroughly packaged and must be able to fall approximately 100cm without breaking. Your package will be under the control and responsibility of the courier from collection until delivery.

Insurance, Liability and discretionary Compensation
63. You are responsible for ensuring you have sufficient insurance cover in place and often customers will find they are already covered by their home or travel insurance policy. In addition, if you are sending valuable sports equipment, specialist insurance should be in place. We strongly advise you to inform your insurer before travelling or sending Goods to ensure you have adequate protection.
64. We shall perform our duties with a reasonable degree of care, diligence, skill and judgement.
65. We shall be relieved of liability for any loss or damage if and to the extent that such loss or damage is caused by:-
65.1 Strike, lock-out, stoppage or restraint of labour, Customs delay, the consequences of which we are unable to avoid by the exercise of reasonable diligence; or
66. Any cause or event which we are unable to avoid and the consequences whereof we are unable to prevent by the exercise of reasonable diligence; or
67. The failure of our customer to adhere to the terms and conditions set out in these Conditions.
68. We accept no liability for any consequential loss arising from delays in collection or delivery of Goods.
69. We shall not in any circumstances whatsoever be liable for indirect or consequential loss such as (but not limited to) loss of profit, loss of market or the consequences of delay or deviation however caused.

Prohibited Items
70. The customer agrees to abide by the list of prohibited items provided by us and our agents and that he/she will not attempt to send any goods contained in this listing. The combined lists are not exhaustive and we retain the right to add any item to this list in keeping with the circumstances prevailing at the time.
71. You agree you will not send anything which may be construed as illegal in any way e.g. prohibited or stolen items. If you are unsure if an item may be prohibited contact us before sending.
72. We will not accept or deal with goods such as; precious stones, jewellery, antiques, pictures, human remains, livestock, pets, plants, glass, keys, liquids, pastes, personal documents including passports, tickets, gels or porcelain. Should any Customer nevertheless deliver any such goods to us or cause us or our agents to handle or deal with any such goods we shall be under no liability whatsoever for or in connection with such goods howsoever arising.
73. Customers are not allowed to pack or ship prohibited items as listed below:

• Aerosols or any other pressurised containers (including but not limited to Carbon Dioxide (CO2) canisters);
• Liquids, Pastes and Gels of any type;
• Toner Cartridges;
• Loose Batteries;
• Animals and Animal products;
• Firearms and firearm parts, ammunition, explosives, weapons (including imitations of same in any form);
• Flowers and plant products;
• Human remains or ashes;
• Medical samples;
• Items that require a temperature controlled environment;
• Pornography;
• Prescription drugs and pharmaceutical products;
• Tobacco;
• Foodstuffs, perishable food articles and beverages including, but not limited to: Wine, Beer, Spirits and Champagne; or
• Packages that are wet, leaking or emit an odour of any kind;
• Valuables and high value items including but not limited to antiques, paintings, jewellery, precious stones and electrical equipment;
• Cash or other forms of tradeable currency;
• Credit cards;
• Passports or other confidential personal documentation;
• Irreplaceable items;
• Other Dangerous/hazardous goods;
• Other illegal or restricted goods.

74. For international carriage there may be additional prohibited items as specified by the country of origin and/or destination. The Company may at its sole discretion refuse to carry other items not listed here.

Excluding liability
75. The Supplier does not exclude liability for: (i) any fraudulent act or omission; or (ii) death or personal injury caused by negligence or breach of the Supplier’s other legal obligations. Subject to this, we are not liable for (i) loss which was not reasonably foreseeable to both parties at the time when the Contract was made, or (ii) loss (eg loss of profit) to your business, trade, craft or profession which would not be suffered by a Consumer – because we believe you are not buying the Services and Goods wholly or mainly for your business, trade, craft or profession.

Governing law, jurisdiction and complaints
The Contract (including any non-contractual matters) is governed by the law of England and Wales. Disputes can be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

We try to avoid any dispute, so we deal with complaints as follows: Best efforts will be made to resolve all customer complaints within three business days.

BagSOLO Ltd. – Privacy Policy

BagSOLO Limited is sensitive to privacy issues on the Internet. We believe that it is important you know how we treat the information about you that we receive on the Internet.

Information Collected
In general, you may visit the Site without telling us who you are or revealing any personally identifiable information about you. Our servers collect the domain names, operating system in use (e.g., Macintosh, Windows) and browser (e.g., Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer). This information is aggregated to measure the number of visits, average time spent on the Site, pages viewed, etc. BagSOLO Limited uses this information to measure the use of our Site and to improve the content of our Site. E-mail addresses and other personally identifiable information such as first and last name, telephone number, and other similar information are known only when voluntarily provided by a visitor for registration or other participation of visitors in any available online interactive activities.

Use of Your Information
We may use the personal information you provide for any of the following purposes: (1) to understand the use of our Site and make improvements; (2) to respond to specific requests from visitors; (3) to protect the security or integrity of our Site when necessary; (4) to send you notices and solicitations regarding Site and our businesses; and (5) in general to promote and market products to you. These solicitations may take the form of mailings, telephone calls, e-mail solicitations and other methods of contact. If you do not want to receive these solicitations from us using your personally identifiable information, please notify us. At times, we may conduct online surveys to better understand the needs and profiles of our visitors. When we conduct a survey, we will try to let you know how we will use the information at the time we collect the information from you on the Internet.

Disclosure of Information
Unless otherwise disclosed during the collection, personally identifiable information that may be collected in connection with visitors to this Site is retained by BagSOLO Limited. BagSOLO Limited does not sell, transfer or otherwise disclose this personally identifiable information outside this company, except where disclosure is required by law.

Other Websites
This Site may contain links to other sites of third parties. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of those other sites. We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. You are responsible for checking this policy when you visit our Site to review the current policy. If you do not agree with the policy, you should cease use of the Site immediately.

A technology called ‘cookies’ may be used to provide you with tailored information. A ‘cookie’ is a tiny element of data that a web site can send to your browser, which may then be stored on your hard drive so we can recognize you when you return. You may be able to set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie. Our cookies collect the operating system and browser that a visitor is using.

Telephone Calls
From time to time, we record telephone calls for the protection of our customers and our staff.

Access Rights
You have a right to access the personal data that is held about you. Please write to us at the following address to obtain a copy of the personal information that BagSOLO Limited holds about you:
BagSOLO Limited, Suite T1, Hamble House, Godalming, Surrey GU7 3HJ, United Kingdom

Governing law, jurisdiction and complaints
The Contract (including any non-contractual matters) is governed by the law of England and Wales. Disputes can be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

We try to avoid any dispute, so we deal with complaints as follows: Best efforts will be made to resolve all customer complaints within three business days.

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